DealerOps: Next-Gen Comprehensive Reporting

Jason Miller, CEO
Jason Miller, an automotive industry veteran with extensive automotive dealership experience, understood how the growth of dealership space has necessitated the creation of a comprehensive reporting solution to get a unified view of insights across departments. A new paradigm shift has been created by DealerOps’ mobile-friendly and web-based dealership and enterprise management reporting solution. The DealerOps suite enables dealers to analyze complex data and garner simplified performance and critical enterprise information reports.

The DealerOps Enterprise Performance Platform is built for data-driven dealerships and groups of all sizes, providing automated business intelligence designed to track outcomes, forecast business plans and uncover opportunities that improve net profitability. Ease-of-use, total user engagement, and accessibility keeps everyone across the enterprise, from the CEO to an F&I Manager to a Service Advisor to an Accounting clerk, informed, focused, and on the same page.

“We are dealer-centric and that makes us distinct in the market. We listen to our customers and tailor a solution to cater to their specific requirements,” says Jason Miller, CEO of DealerOps. The company offers three elemental mobile-friendly web application solutions–DealerOps, TitleOps, and FuelOps that enable the management team to view insightful reports across all the departments on a unified platform.

One of the company’s earliest application, TitleOps is leveraged to track the journey of the entire titling process from start to finish. The application provides insights into the titling process by representing all the outstanding titles in a single report, while boosting CSI. As the tertiary application, FuelOps provides dealers with the ability to authorize fuel purchases and set limits to prevent overages and guard against fuel fraud. Furthermore, the application verifies the fuel purchases with the volume assigned by the executives before issuing tickets. In case of purchases that surpass assigned amounts, tickets can be viewed as a group or analyzed singularly as intended by the user organization.

In addition to operational platforms, DealerOps also provides business analytics, KPI measurements, data mining, client specific application development, forensic accounting services, and IT management services for automotive groups.

We are dealer-centric and that makes us distinct in the market

To highlight the benefits of DealerOps, Miller cites an instance where they were approached by a client with multiple branches. The client’s office managers were losing crucial amounts of time in performance management reporting, making notes, as well as tracking each workday’s proceedings. DealerOps’ experienced team resolved this challenge by automating and customizing reports that assimilated the enterprise-wide information. The client reaped the benefits of gained time, insights from in-depth data analysis and was able to leverage a customized solution to improve efficiency.

DealerOps is a certified partner of major DMS companies providing an enhanced reporting system as well as the opportunity to customize the reports that in turn increases customer satisfaction. Additionally, the report dashboards and data across the platform are encrypted to provide maximum data security.

According to Miller, the need of the hour is the adaptation capability; today’s customers are looking for a solution that can absorb and assimilate the emerging technologies seamlessly into their platform architecture. “DealerOps has proven successful in this sphere with its scalable and flexible solution that caters to the client’s requirements in a cost-effective manner,” he says.

Forging a successful path to provide the best solution in the automotive dealership space, DealerOps’ team of automotive technology veterans are extensively focused on constantly improving the solution with time. These enhancements include management, redevelopment, and redesigning of the report system. The client installations rates of DealerOps’ have exponentially increased over the years and serve as a testament to its growing success. DealerOps truly provides a comprehensive automotive business intelligence solution in the market that enables their clients to build winning strategies to remain ahead of the competition curve.


Roswell, GA

Jason Miller, CEO

Provides mobile-friendly and web-based dealership and enterprise management reporting solution to automotive dealerships