Dataspeed, Inc.: Enabling Autonomous Vehicle Applications

Paul Fleck, CEO
Just on the brink of making history, an Artificial Intelligence company faces a steep challenge. The company has developed an innovative curvature algorithm that solves a difficult steering problem in the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) market. As the company starts researching about how to test its creation, a unique research and development platform, on the road. The ADAS Kit (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), developed by Dataspeed, Inc. proves to be the best solution. Through the implementation of Dataspeed’s kit, which seamlessly controls the drive-by-wire hardware, Power Distribution System (PDS), and vehicle network interfaces, the company is able to develop and test the current algorithm in the real world quickly and efficiently.

Experience in by-wire control, gained initially in Formula 1 racing. Dataspeed today provides its clients with a, reliable, safe, and easy-to-use ADAS Kit. “As the automotive market and people started to quickly adopt autonomy, companies had a need to control the entire vehicle. For us, it was combining a lot of technology from previous programs, we now had a great product, ~ the ADAS Kit” says Paul Fleck, the CEO of Dataspeed, Inc. The kit allows computer control of the throttle, brake, steering, and shifting to assist companies in the testing of sensors, software and other elements, enabling AV applications. Furthermore, to produce this safe and cost-effective solution, Dataspeed doesn’t employ any additional mechanical actuators, but instead leverages the electromechanical capability of the vehicle. “The kit allows an engineer to assert control over the components, without worrying about any additional steps involved,” states Che Krause, the Chief Revenue Officer of Dataspeed, Inc. “We have a time-tested system in place, which allows clients to focus on testing different algorithms, from emergency braking to throttle and steering.”

Founded in 2008 as a mobile robotics firm, Dataspeed specializes in combining robotics with mobility. Fleck explains, “We see an AV as a robot, specifically a mobile robot, with tasks it must perform autonomously, foremost, to transport passengers safely.”

We have a time-tested system in place, which allows clients to focus on testing different algorithms, from emergency braking to throttle and steering

The enablers of true autonomy, Dataspeed remains a cut above the rest of its competitors by focusing on ‘how to make the vehicle act.’ The ADAS Kit also comes with a Bluetooth enabled, flexible and easy-to-use solution to power the subsystems of a test vehicle, PDS. “12 independent DC relay channels are supported by the PDS and it can support more channels if the client demands,” says Krause. The PDS exemplifies Dataspeed’s engineering capabilities as it was developed out of the industry’s need for a power distribution module that works seamlessly with its solution. “After searching for a solution such as that, our engineers took it upon themselves to create one. This illustrates our belief—if we can’t find it, we will certainly create it!” exalts Fleck.

As of today, Dataspeed is supporting transportation as a service and looks to expand more in the Chinese and European market as Krause mentions that the respective markets are fast and smart. “Everything we are working on or have provided is a test-vehicle, but we will evolve as the fleet and passenger-based companies define the next phase of the industry,” mentions Fleck. For a company which has come a long way and has transitioned with the trends and challenges existing in the market, Dataspeed has been able to assist OEMs of different sizes structures and aims to continue on the same path as they grow.

Dataspeed, Inc

Rochester Hills, MI

Paul Fleck, CEO and Che Krause, Chief Revenue Officer

Enabling developers with ultimate control over the throttle, brake, steer, and shift by-wire controller modules

Dataspeed, Inc