CarDeals2Me: Fast, Free and Anonymous Car Purchasing

Thomas Szmidel, CTO
The buying journey of the current tech-savvy consumer is changing. The customer no longer wants to make umpteen rounds of local dealerships to negotiate and finalize on the price of a car. The customer of today knows what they want and just wants the best price. They’ve already decided on the model, make, and color before stepping into a dealership. “Our awareness of this changing trend in customer behavior led to the inception of CarDeals2Me, where we help informed consumers in finding the best price on the new or used car of their choice,” says Thomas Szmidel, CTO at CarDeals2Me. He further explains, “We generate high quality, verified leads for the dealership and OEM community from in-market consumers aiming to purchase a specific car inside a window of urgency.”

CarDeals2Me, which primarily operates in Australia and New Zealand, offers a free iPhone and Android app. The app provides a simple yet efficient platform for consumers to connect and communicate with dealers and manufacturers to find the best quotes on the car they wish to purchase. The platforms dealership community responds with competitive quotes in a few hours on the car of their choice. A double-blind system is followed until this point— the communication is solely through the CarDeals2Me app, with the consumer and the dealer unaware of each other’s identities. When the customer is interested in a deal, two-factor authentication is used to verify the identities of the consumer, following which they can communicate directly with the dealer regarding the car. This method allows both customer and dealer to be anonymous until real value is created, the platform communicates the pricing, makes the introduction and the finalisation of the sale is left to the dealers own processes. “Dealers love how we do not interfere with their processes and flow like some other offerings” says Szmidel.

Keeping in mind the varied specifications of cars in Australia and New Zealand, CarDeals2Me creates data sets that are designed to match customer specifications in-house. The company is currently streamlining the process for customers seeking to buy used cars, and also helping customers undertake a fast trade-in process whilst getting quotes.

We generate high quality, verified leads for the dealership and OEM community from in-market consumers aiming to purchase a specific car inside a window of urgency

CarDeals2Me regularly follows up with its customers to enhance their app’s user experience. Mr. Szmidel recalls one such follow-up where they encountered a customer who had a tough time before finding the car she was searching for. She had tried other apps and said she was surprised how quickly she was able to find a suitable car that met her exact requirements. This consumer had gone through the traditional method of searching for the car she was after in dealerships around her before organically finding the CarDeals2Me app and really enjoying the process.

The CarDeals2Me software is extremely lightweight and attracts a lot of interest from people seeking to white label the technology, which can be implemented in roughly four weeks. This product is a small file that downloads rapidly and is built as a hybrid product, sharing a single codebase between iPhone and Android platforms.

The product, which was launched in February 2017, has already shown tremendous growth within the first year. The technology has greatly improved from continuous updates based on user feedback and the establishment of partnerships both domestically and internationally. While CarDeals2Me envisions increasing joint venture partnerships on their roadmap, they also seek to connect more extensively with the local dealers in Australia and New Zealand and expand further into the markets of the U.S. and Asia.


Melbourne, Australia

Thomas Szmidel, CTO and Shaun Sumaru, CEO

Offers a simple and efficient platform for consumers to connect to dealerships and get fast, free and anonymous quotes on new and used cars