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Wendy Buxton, President
Today’s automotive industry is a growing market for engineers, distributors, and manufacturers, and is driven by the trending economy. According to industry research and analysis expert, Plunkett, there are approximately 260 million vehicles operating in the U.S., as of 2015. In such a scenario, delivering enhanced machines at efficient costs with improved customer assistance has emerged as a major bottleneck for automobile manufacturers today. “Supply chain costs are typically the second highest expense for automotive manufacturers,” begins Wendy Buxton, President at LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions. Tulsa-based technology-driven solutions provider, LynnCo enhances performance and efficiency of supply chains with cost-efficient and scalable solutions. “We provide engineering and optimization of complex supply chains, assessing improvement opportunities and operationalizing tailor-designed solutions for each client,” says Buxton.

The company understands that a high performance supply chain requires more than managing a singular function like transportation or warehousing. LynnCo significantly guides automotive companies in supply chain improvement delivering an optimal supply chain that’s predictable, streamlined, and cost-efficient. “We design services from a toolbox of supply chain solutions to meet the specific needs of each client,” affirms Buxton.

LynnCo’s proprietary optimization engine and analytics platform guides in translating information into predictive intelligence, making it easy to visualize and enhance business strategies that impact supply chain performance. Their technology easily connects disparate supply chain data for complete supply chain visibility, from order to delivery. “We strategically deploy supply chain dashboards and metrics offering continuous optimization and allowing companies to quickly adapt to unplanned events, resulting in a more predictable supply chain,” states Buxton.

Particularly in the automotive industry, suppliers have a profound impact on supply chain stability. Late delivery of materials disrupt production, increase expediting and heighten the risk of costly penalties.LynnCo’s Supplier Accountability solution proactively manages suppliers by holding them accountable for maintaining a dynamic and dependable supply chain. This solution was specifically designed for the automotive industry and enables the arrival of materials at the right place and time.

We provide engineering and optimization of complex supply chains, assessing improvement opportunities and operationalizing tailor-designed solutions for each client

Having all the products from the supplier according to the production schedule is critical and automation of traditional manual processes is a necessity as potential failure points can emerge from a supplier’s lack of efficiency. “We’ve designed a supplier accountability program which provides a definite date of supplier order fulfillment and product availability for the manufacturer,” asserts Buxton.

LynnCo methodically tunes in to their clients’ distinctive demands to design solutions that specifically fulfill them. For instance, a motorcycle manufacturer wanted to quickly expand its dealer network in North America for custom made bikes manufactured overseas. They faced complexities in maneuvering the expensive bikes with appropriate handling and storage in the U.S. As a number of parties were involved, the dealers needed rooftop visibility of all the processes and moving products involved in the supply chain. LynnCo designed and is operating a solution that provides control and transparency throughout the supply chain. “Our solution guided the motorcycle company in enhancing their supply chain performance through efficiency in cost and enhanced consumer experience,” answers Buxton.

In the future, LynnCo’s team desires to be high tech supply chain engineers that strategically provide consultancy as well as invoke operability to their crafted solutions. LynnCo has recently launched a professional services group that deploys highly technical supply chain resources to assess and diagnose supply chain opportunities ahead of the operating solutions. The group is particularly installed in the private equity sector that has automotive firms in the portfolio. “It’s a proprietary diagnostic model that assesses the operational significance of the supply chain to adjust the financial results,” concludes Buxton.

LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions

Tulsa, OK

Wendy Buxton, President

LynnCo delivers enhanced supply chain solutions for manufacturers and distributors

LynnCo Supply Chain Solutions