Spireon: Redefining the Automotive Industry through Telematics

Marc Brungger, CEO
From the era of steam driven road vehicles to the current generation of connected cars, the auto sector has harnessed numerous technologies to excel over the years. Today, it is big data and telematics that have set the stage for the automotive industry to once again gain unprecedented momentum and efficiency in addressing their current obstacles. As telematics allows connected vehicles to generate a plethora of data and information, automotive and fleet management firms need unique solutions that can provide compliance, security, scalability, and the necessary expertise to turn big data into prolific insights. Irvine, CA based Spireon Inc., has pioneered a platform that meets the demand of today’s automotive industry, making them a leading Mobile Resource Management (MRM) company. “We manage over two million connected vehicles and over five billion data points every year through our cloud-based business intelligence platform NSpire,” states Marc Brungger, CEO at Spireon. “And we expect to grow to over 30b data points in the next year.”

The company’s scalable Machine to Machine (M2M) platform NSpire has been acclaimed for its ability to successfully protect investments, and automate business processes for both the automotive and fleet industries. Since its launch, Spireon has made many investments to enable NSpire to capture vast amounts of information using GPS-enabled devices in the field of operation. The procured data is aggregated and analyzed, then pushed to other devices such as desktops, laptops, or tablets so that the actionable business intelligence is always at the user’s fingertips. This M2M tool is fueled by leading-edge network of databases, data centers, web servers, and Internet connections that ensure a satisfied delivery of services to customers. “NSpire has empowered us to promise our automotive customers that they can access their application on our NSpire network 99.9 percent of the time or we will compensate them for the inconvenience,” says Marc.

Spireon has put forth a string of solutions whose expertise goes way beyond the traditional GPS systems to complete vehicle lifecycle management platforms. One such platform is GoldStar CMS, which goes beyond simple vehicle tracking to provide a complete collateral management solution. It allows automotive lenders to access a full suite of customizable tools for continuous real-time monitoring of assets. Lenders using GoldStar CMS can take advantage of its predictive analytics capabilities.

It has unique features called Reference Genie and Location Genie that combine historical data and predictive analytics. For example, dealers are able to verify a customer’s Loan Stipulations (STIPs) and references without having to make a single phone call, which increases customer privacy while ensuring accuracy of information provided. “We can help lenders identify when there may be an issue with a particular loan, before it gets to be a big problem. Our lender customers can then proactively reach out to their customers, and work to find a solution that keeps them in the vehicle and current on their payment,” delineates Marc. Mobile Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) scanner is also an extension of this intelligent tool that helps dealers scan the VIN on a smartphone to update their back-end system with the car’s information, which saves time and improves accuracy of entry.

In instances when repossession is required, having this information at the fingertips enables customers to schedule a recovery time and location that works best and reduces failed recovery attempts. GoldStar CMS also provides interactive dashboards in their portfolio that offer inventory status, information on devices up for renewals, usage, and alerts.

Spireon’s mobile resource management and business intelligence platforms help companies organize, share and act on the information gathered in meaningful ways, improving their business fundamentals

On the fleet management side, Spireon has built a rich, application-based ecosystem that has helped them attract customers large and small. Two recent large customer announcements on the fleet side include Swift Transportation and Werner Enterprises. The company’s fleet offering is for businesses that own remote assets or have technicians in the field, so that they can gain increased visibility over their assets and workforces. A fleet manager, for example, can monitor their mobile assets, see when they are idle, or their arriving and departing status—all to help more effectively deliver customer service and drive profitability. This includes mobile tools that help automate yard checks, a detention optimization module, a leasing module, power management and transportation management system (TMS) integration.

In February 2015, the company launched its next-generation Fleet & Asset Intelligence (FAI) information platform, a comprehensive suite of ROI-focused applications and workforce management capability including support for mixed fleet, advanced diagnostics and compliance tools, as well as access to rich data to help analyze business performance, and optimization to the management of fleets of vehicles, trailers, remote equipment and other assets. “All businesses want to increase revenue and profitability,” says Marc. “Our new features help our customer be more efficient, reduce expenses, improve utilization, and increase driver retention so they can achieve these goals.”

Spireon has invested heavily in R&D, particularly in their cloud-based NSpire platform, which is the foundation for both their automotive and fleet solutions. This has allowed the company to develop innovative solutions, a predictive core infrastructure, expand breadth and depth of their offerings, and rise above the competition. Spireon also invested in customer service and solid performing hardware, and has more than a decade of industry expertise.

Going forward, the company is focused on continuing their agenda of exploring and connecting mobile assets. “We are looking at moving beyond what we offer today to extend the benefits along every stage of the vehicle and asset lifecycle,” claims Marc. On the automotive side, this will include extended advantage for dealerships, moving into the rental market, exploring usage based insurance opportunities, and direct-to-consumer offerings.

“In 2015, you will find us focusing more on the vehicle lifecycle and connected vehicles,” Marc adds. Spireon’s roadmap for 2015 and beyond includes plans to add new capabilities to its Fleet and Asset Intelligence platform, and doing more to bring value-added services to dealers, lot managers, and finance managers. This will bring more flexibility to help customers become truly automated and control their assets and workforces.


Irvine, CA

Marc Brungger, CEO

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