DealerBuilt: Highly Scalable DMS System for Every Dealership Need

Michael Trasatti, CEO
The automotive retail industry has been growing steadily, post the financial recession in 2008. The global meltdown pushed automotive companies to think differently about how they operate. “Today, Dealers are seeing strong demand for product while bolstering much improved business processes. They have adapted to operate more efficiently in an industry accustomed to change, consolidation, and tighter margins. However, Dealers are seeing additional challenges with regulatory oversight, compliance, and consumer privacy rights. In addition, a myriad of market challenges such as Berkshire/Hathaway’s recent market entrance and broad competition are other issues that require Dealers to remain vigilant,” begins Michael Trasatti, CEO of DealerBuilt.

The Dealer Management System (DMS) remains the central technical platform for storing and processing data. “A comprehensive, integrated, and intuitive DMS can offer dealers a truly effective way to manage operations, address changing conditions, and improve their business through technology. DealerBuilt constantly communicates with our clients regarding these challenges, their goals, and how we can leverage the DMS platform to their advantage,” explains Trasatti.

DealerBuilt’s DMS solution has scored well in the marketplace, allowing Dealers to improve sales and operational productivity. “Our DMS helps Dealers manage their sales process, customer retention, inventory, accounting, and fixed operations within an intuitive design to flow with the Dealer’s processes. Our management solutions are built ‘by the Dealers for the Dealers,’ specifically for the automotive industry with unmatched flexibility and customization to fit dealership needs,” he adds.

DealerBuilt leverages a platform designed for rapid development, basically able to evolve more quickly than traditional systems. This solution allows DealerBuilt to concentrate on building rich functionality without the complexity of creating modular interfaces, providing a transparent user experience.

DealerBuilt has developed an Accounting Module exclusively for Dealers with a vision to elevate how CFO’s, controllers, and business managers view their accounting system. “We combined these imperatives into a single solution,” remarks Trasatti.

Our solution has scored well in the marketplace, allowing Dealers to improve sales and operational productivity

Dealers can view, consolidate, and manage not just their corporate accounting, but also bring an enterprise view with consolidated processes to their operations,” states Trasatti.

DealerBuilt helped Galpin Motors establish a consolidated business office. Their goal was to have a single name file, centralized accounting, while maintaining their operational structures across all companies/franchises. “We provided Galpin a single point of reference enabling every department to share a central system to operate.”

The Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos, part of The Car Group, sells more Honda’s than anyone. “We provided a single desking platform that reduced errors when structuring car deals and simplifying ‘pushing’ deals to finance. We also provide real-time information to track the car buying experience,” says Trasatti. The store could evaluate floor traffic, improving efficiency during the buying process.
DealerBuilt continues to ‘re-invent’ their business. “We tend to focus more internally by believing that if we measure against our own standards instead of our competitors, improvements will follow, that the marketplace will embrace,” states Trasatti.

Trasatti, with his partners John Hosmer and Frank Lucas, is driven by a core belief that Dealers have desires and goals that can be achieved through technical advancements. DealerBuilt continues to broaden the technology choices available to Dealers who wish to challenge the status quo. “We promote a collaborative environment with our Dealers to truly provide integrated solutions that improve the tools Dealers use to relate with their customers, and deliver solutions they wish to instill into their business. “Success comes when our Dealers feel that every hard earned dollar spent on technology has tremendous value,” concludes Trasatti.


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Michael Trasatti, CEO and John Hosmer, President

A provider of highly scalable multi-store Dealer Management System.