RyanTech Cloud Services: Driven From Within

Kevin McMillen, President and Founder Years before RyanTech Cloud Services was founded, a 15 year old Kevin McMillen was determined to get out of East Los Angeles and build a better life, so he started to work full time. A year later, during the cell phone boom, he started a cellular business where he identified a client who wanted him to install phones in salespeople’s cars along with assistance in manipulating Excel Spreadsheets, creating reports and graphs for their automobile dealerships— basically keeping track of all the products and services the dealerships sold in the finance department. McMillen went forth solving this problem and doing the same for a handful of dealerships, eventually turning it into a piece of software that ultimately became the foundation for RyanTech Cloud Service’s most successful product, a DMS Integration platform built on the Microsoft stack.

Akin to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, McMillen also opted to drop out of a formal college education of only three semesters at Irvine Valley Community College in California. Instead he focused on his business and earned many certifications in Microsoft Competencies, of which he and his staff have earned a count of more than 40. Some of them being; Application Integration, Application Development, Business Intelligence, Mobility, Data Security, Small Business, Microsoft Partner of the Year and more as depicted on the “Wall of Accomplishments” in their Park City, UT office.

The Spirit of RyanTech Cloud Services

RyanTech Cloud Services is more than just a DMS Integration Company; they are a software and website development house. They build custom software solutions, deploy, administer and manage them for their clients worldwide.

Even though RyanTech Cloud Services had the opportunity, experience and the technological capability to come up with their own DMS solution, they figured it wasn’t in their best interest and instead focused on being the best vehicle inventory processor in the business. Today, RyanTech Cloud Services partners with hundreds of DMS providers in the country. One of their products, Carpod.net, a vehicle inventory management software that snaps on top of the DMS, is used by more than 10,000 dealerships in the U.S. and Canada.

You have to decide a path and then stay on it, and be the best that you can possibly be in that one thing

Fundamentally, the firm’s Dealership Management System Integration software goes into the DMS, pulls out the vehicle inventory, brings it into Carpod.net and allows the dealership to enhance vehicle information, change the price, add vehicle photos, comments and so forth and then syndicate that all over the world. Not of surprise to the industry, Carpod.net, DMSi and VinExplosion.com were sold to another company named Authenticom in August of 2013. RyanTech Cloud Services still manages the book of business for Authenticom and is focused on growing the business to new heights with the partnership of Authenticom’s CEO, Steve Cottrell, and connections in the industry.

RyanTech Cloud Services standardized on the Microsoft stack about a dozen years ago and it has worked really well because Microsoft provides partners like RyanTech Cloud Services the complete solutions that enable them to interface with all technologies, even Java and HTML5. RyanTech Cloud Service’s conscious decision to choose one stack and then stick with it has really helped them be successful. By utilizing a partner network and powering companies like Dealer.com and CUDL AutoSMART, with their new venture –Cloud Services– they are selling directly to the dealers but are still leveraging the relationships they have built with Dealer. com and Dealers United, for both of whom RyanTech Cloud Services is a certified technology provider.

Essentially, in the past, DMS and Website providers were required to provide email services, but the services provided are not really up to par with Microsoft’s Office365 features and compatibility across devices and platforms like iPad, Android and others. RyanTech Cloud Service’s choice of Microsoft’s Office 365 solution is solving this very collaboration and email communication issue. “We really believe we are creating change and a positive impact for dealers by helping them implement the Office 365 solution,” says McMillen. Recently, RyanTech Cloud Services built an Application Programming Interface between Dealer.com and Office 365, where their dealers can switch to Microsoft’s Office 365 with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Effecting Change

RyanTech Cloud Services tried multiple times to work with off-shore development companies.
The culture differences between the U.S. and other countries didn’t work out well for the company. Going off-shore turned out to be a costly decision. He says he’d never repeat it again, as it was a lesson learned and the biggest loss for the company to date. “We tried hard at working off shore overseas, in the same time zone in other countries and in outsourcing. The biggest takeaway is simply this; we’re providing a better quality product by either building in-house or partnering in the U.S. with other great companies which helps us serve dealers in a more effective and efficient way,” said McMillen.

Sitting in an office that overlooks the Swaner nature preserve and the Utah Olympic Park, McMillen says, “People make a company, companies don’t make people.” One of the biggest life lessons he has had as an entrepreneur is to treat others as they want to be treated, he believes it essential for one to identify and understand the temperaments of the customers and treat them accordingly. “We are really, really quick and nimble when it comes to making a mistake, fixing it and then implementing; and we’ve made a lot of mistakes,” he adds that during a Microsoft seminar when an executive asked him what they do to get their message across to the customers, his response was simple; “We try, we listen, we fail… and then we get it right and we’re trying to fail less often but we NEVER give up.”

RyanTech Cloud Services hires the right people and strives to provide a really good work-life balance. They have a ping pong table, tandem bike and bike racks, ski/ snowboard racks to hang equipment for lunch breaks along with a few Xbox Ones for the staff to play on. Not only that but a recreational shower to allow employees to be motivated to bike to work and get ready in a secure space. Above the CEO’s office hangs a 14 foot paddle board he uses for racing and staying fit and in each office there are positive statements about living life right. Microsoft logos and product information on 4 foot by 4 foot signs hang from the open ceiling. Staff views from their desk provide the feeling of an open environment where all of the executives are seated alongside windows with full glass walls and doors, giving all of the staff a great view of the mountains in Park City, Utah.

The hobbies of the man behind RyanTech Cloud Services are just as exciting as his endeavors. Aside from being an Entrepreneurs’ Organization member and the Strategic Alliance Chairman of the Board, in Utah, he enjoys paddle boarding, road biking, flying his airplane and driving fast cars. Last year, Kevin raced in the Huntsman 140–a biking event that raised money for breast cancer awareness–and he is doing it again this year with their Executive Director who is a cancer survivor. “Never taking on venture capitalism and joining hands with a partner is the greatest risk that I have taken so far,” adds the driven McMillen.

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Kevin McMillen, President and Founder

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