Pegasystems: At the Centre Ground of Revolutionary Transformation

Bruce Williams Global VP of Manufacturing & High Technology
“That was a great move!," exclaimed Trefler’s friends, when he reached out and pushed a pawn forward to beat his opponent and was crowned co-champion along with International Grandmaster Pal Benko at the New York World Open Chess Championship in 1975. That was not the only move Trefler got right: with the same presence of mind and sharp accuracy, Alan Trefler founded Pegasystems.

Bruce Williams, Vice President and Business Line Leader for Manufacturing and High Technology at Pega, describes how the company’s mission is to transform the ways large enterprises use software to more closely engage customers, simplify operations and quickly adapt to change. Currently, far too high a percentage of IT resources are spent on just maintaining existing systems, and it restrains their opportunities to innovate. Automobile and other manufacturers are rapidly becoming digital enterprises; software can either impede or accelerate that transformation. Pega replaces archaic programming techniques and long development cycles with a rapid visual modeling approach that regular business people can understand. This enables ground-breaking change in how enterprises implement new capabilities. The results are dramatically faster time to market with reusable and customizable processes that unleash companies to innovate and keep pace.

Pega’s approach to the automotive business combines its agile business platform with a variety of pre-built, customizable smart applications in areas such as supplier risk management, product lifecycle and supply chain management, customer service and other after-market solutions. Pega enables automotive manufacturers to standardize their operations on a platform that breaks down organizational silos and manages collaboration across the extended enterprise. Keeping in mind key current trends—including mobility, big data, analytics and the need for real-time response—Pega has developed an approach that does not limit solutions to a single purpose. “Combining our industry-leading process decisioning and orchestration platform with key new capabilities in mobile and predictive analytics, we are disrupting the traditional eco-system by forging new pathways and solutions for business innovation,” says Williams.

The company believes that IT far too often is the driver on the critical path to business solutions, and enterprise intellectual capital is not utilized to the fullest.
With a clear sense of balanced purpose between building high-value solutions today and rapidly adapting into innovative solutions for tomorrow, Pega’s newest solutions platform– known as Pega 7–enables business managers to craft ingenious solutions for use across the manufacturing landscape. With Pega, global manufactures can have it several ways: they can rapidly design and develop new business capabilities utilizing Pega’s Direct Capture of Objectives solutioning; they can leverage Pega’s pre-built smart application frameworks; and they can implement one of several Pega application offerings for the automotive sector. Pega warranty, for example, automates and manages the end-to-end warranty, claims, and materials return process. The solution provides warranty teams with the power to optimize the complete process, leveraging claims and operational data in innovative ways to detect and resolve product issues before a failure. And best of all, Pega takes full advantage of existing systems and capabilities. Augmenting systems like ERP, another key feature from Pegasystems lets users automate cases, case works, routing and monitoring to improve efficiency, accountability and compliance. Pega also provides real-time decision support and guided interactions to ensure the best possible business outcomes. And meeting today’s global demands, applications “built once” on Pega 7 are fully mobility-enabled and tuned perfectly to the needs of mobile clients.

OnStar, a subsidiary of General Motors uses the solutions and technologies offered by Pega that provides subscription-based communications, in-vehicle security, turn-by-turn navigation, and remote diagnostics systems throughout the U.S., Canada and China. “In this process, we have used technology to the next level to save people’s lives, protect the cars and improve fuel efficiency—all with a smart mobile-based technology,” says Williams.

Pega is building great partnerships with manufacturers, consulting firms and OEM’s including corporate giants like General Motors, Ford, Tech Mahindra and Tata. The company has also established partnerships with business consulting giants like Cap Gemini and Accenture. Pega differentiates itself by offering solutions that enable manufacturers to “not just make a better product—make a better product business”, according to Williams. Helping their customers stay ahead of the accelerating pace of change, Pegasystems—like a grand chess master—is already making the moves to the central ground of a revolutionary transformation.


Cambridge, MA

Bruce Williams Global VP of Manufacturing & High Technology

Pegasystems provides the fastest and most flexible environment for developing solutions that orchestrate and automate business processes–including people, systems and things–to effectively and efficiently optimize global manufacturing businesses