Aras Corporation: Enterprise PLM Software Provider

Peter Schroer CEO
“Today’s automotive industry has turned into a data center on wheels, which is a very complex thing to manage,” aptly said Peter Schroer, CEO of Aras Corporation, an enterprise Product Lifecycle Management software provider. Over the past several years, the amount of electronics and software integrated with the mechanical components of a vehicle has increased dramatically. This increasing complexity, combined with greater compliance and regulatory requirements, gives rise to new risks and potential liability every time an automobile goes into production. “Hence, everyone in the product lifecycle, from engineering and product development, to manufacturing, quality, purchasing and compliance, and throughout the extended supply chain must be able to collaborate on product-related information under a single, connected system,” said Schroer.

Founded in 2000, Aras provides an enterprise PLM software platform called Aras Innovator that enables large global production teams to securely collaborate on the development of complex products, including automobiles and automotive components.

Aras’s uniqueness lies in the architecture of its PLM platform. The model-based service-oriented architecture enables real-time drag and drop customization without complex programming, saving time and eliminating the need for high-priced programming resources. As Schroer explains, “traditionally, implementing a PLM solutions was a 3 to 4 year project with extensive hard-coded customizations which became difficult to upgrade to newer versions, leaving companies stuck on outdated versions of the software or paying huge upgrade fees. The Aras modeling engine, which is more or less like liquid software, is design to be customized to the business environment, and to change as frequently and rapidly as the business itself changes. ” Aras is up and running in a fraction of the time of legacy PLM products and it is so flexible that the company includes upgrade fees in its annual support agreement, regardless of the level of customization.
Aras considers its PLM solution suite an ideal match for the automotive industry. “Electronics, software and firmware are what drive vehicles these days, and managing the configuration of a car with its millions of lines of code is becoming a bigger challenge all the time. The Aras PLM platform is scalable and flexible enough to manage the entire product configuration, across mechanical, electronic, software, documentation, etc., in a single system,” explained Schroer. What’s more, Aras is proven to scale to 125,000 concurrent users which means it can reach everyone in the automotive supply chain.

Along with automotive companies including Getrag, Lear, Honda and Nissan, Aras also works with leading aerospace companies such as Boeing and Airbus.

In 2006, GETRAG FORD Transmissions began to deploy a conventional PDM system with the intent to convert to a broader enterprise-wide PLM scope over time. The PDM to PLM deployment was forced to stop due to the implementation complexities and the significant cost of PLM licensing expenses. In 2010, the team at GETRAG FORD began working with Aras. By mid 2010 the conversion project from PDM to PLM was back underway. Today the company has implemented an integrated application lifecycle management (ALM) solution for software and firmware, replaced its legacy document management system and improved its management of CATIA V5 and Pro/E files, streamlined and automated numerous processes,and is using Aras for enterprise-wide CAPA with 8D and so much more.

With headquarters in the Boston area, Aras is swiftly gaining business traction with top-tier companies in automotive, aerospace and defense, high tech electronics and more. Looking ahead, Aras is opening a center of excellence in Detroit, Michigan, USA to further enhance its relationship with automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the world. The firm is also targeting a few acquisitions and has its eye on an IPO.

Aras Corporation

Andover, MA

Peter Schroer CEO

Aras is a Product Lifecycle Management software company that offers an advanced enterprise PLM solution that is highly scalable, secure and fullfeatured, with no PLM software license fees