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Infor Launches Infor Implementation Accelerator to Implement Better ERP Suite

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 26, 2014

NEW YORK, NY: Infor, a provider of enterprise software solutions for customer relationship management has launched Infor Implementation Accelerator to help industries in implementing an ERP suite while benefitting from its flexibility to support future growth, reports

The solution uses Infor 10x technology to automate customers with core industry application processes in a cloud or on-premises technology platform. It can be used after it is deployed with Infor LN, an ERP solution for complex manufacturing, optimized for distributed global operations or Infor CloudSuite Automotive. Infor Implementation Accelerator spans the latest versions of Infor application suites in a lesser time. The solution also helps in decreasing the cost and risk for the customers in the automotive industry.

"The automotive supplier market is constantly changing, so businesses have to be flexible and able to make adjustments easily without incurring extra costs. The Infor Implementation Accelerator provides multiple options to help organizations implement their ERP quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, which supports growth and drives a faster return on investment," says John Bermudez, vice president, Product Management, Infor.

The Infor Implementation Accelerator offers preconfigured business processes, training materials and templates to create immediate value. With its long term scalability, the solution helps in improving the businesses.