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ATYN - a New Era of Auto Safety Technology by World Patent Marketing

By CIOReview | Friday, July 24, 2015

Los Angeles, CA: The recently introduced ATYN (Adjustable to Your Needs) bed by World Patent Marketing is a vertically integrated manufacturer and engineer of patented products; is changing the face of customer satisfaction in the auto market.  The ATYN Bed is an automotive invention that improves a truck's ability to carry longer loads more securely. The product new to market and factory built for newer vehicles allows the user to park in traditional spaces when there is no cargo to be carried, and haul a larger cargo load in both length and volume when the user needs to explains Michael G, ATYN Bed inventor.

ATYN extends the rear side panels and the signal lights; enabling the driver to indicate their intentions to other drivers and pedestrians. In actuality, it allows for a retractable cargo bed extension to be mounted into the frame of the vehicle to extend the rear side panels and the tailgate or hatch and increases the length of the bed to accommodate extra cargo space. The increased length here enables bulk of cargo to lay still and secure. This also keeps the tailgates straight ensuring safety for the truck, driver and other motorists. The increased safety and convenience makes roads safer from cargo transport and also enormously increases the ease in cargo transportation.

Scott Cooper, the CEO and Creative director of World Patent Marketing states that the revolutionary ATYN bed is going to play a huge role among the pickup truck manufacturers in USA.  Auto companies have significant cash on hand and are eyeing opportunities for investing in new products, innovation, and productivity enhancements and also all the built-up demand for the advanced automobiles are significantly going to contribute to the growth of the automobile industry.

Cattya Bella, Director of Product Development for World Patent Marketing points out, “The ATYN Bed's aim is simple: carry and transport longer loads more efficiently." It is a useful product for anybody who has ever hauled anything and not been able to secure it with the tailgate shut, or has been in wreck due to the fact that other motorists couldn't see turn signals or brake lights would appreciate this new automotive invention.