Urgent.ly: Modernizing Roadside Assistance

Urgent.ly: Modernizing Roadside AssistanceChris Spanos, CEO
Today, technology has been seamlessly integrated into everyone’s lives. We expect responsive digital solutions that are tailored to suit our individual needs. While expectations have evolved alongside on-demand technologies, roadside assistance has not. Urgent.ly pioneered roadside-as-a-service, a suite of digital products and technology that combines location-based services, real-time data, AI and machine-to-machine communication. Urgent.ly’s platform powers roadside assistance solutions in North America, Europe and Asia for leading brands across the automotive, insurance, telematics and other transportation-focused verticals.

Traditionally, roadside assistance has been viewed as a cost center by roadside program managers and a black box that offered very little insight into the customer experience. Urgent. ly CEO, Chris Spanos explained how Urgent.ly provides full visibility into every customer touchpoint, from verifiable ETAs and ATAs to CSAT and NPS scores as well as customer feedback. “The data-driven platform is able to quickly highlight any issues that arise and allow agents to manage and mitigate customer concerns before they become problems,” explains Spanos. “We monitor and report on customer feedback continuously in order to more effectively serve our business partners. This transparency improves customer satisfaction and reduces call center responsibilities.”

Providing the fastest, safest, and most reliable roadside assistance service, coupled with B2B and platform capabilities, Urgent.ly delivers partners flexible roadside solutions including mobile applications, web-based platforms, API integrations, and a 24/7/365 call center. The company’s API-based platform can integrate with a partner company’s existing technology stack including apps, telematics systems, dashboards, and web applications. Providing real-time visibility and transparency to every stakeholder involved in a roadside assistance event, Urgent.ly eliminates the guesswork in gathering required details about the motorist and the service provider such as ETAs, type of issue, and location. This helps partners to deliver an improved service experience and boost bottom-line through increased retention rates, loyalty and customer engagement.

Urgent.ly digitizes the traditional ‘distress call’ experience and connects the user-in-need with pre-registered service providers through a sophisticated mobile cloud-based web experience

Urgent.ly’s solution digitizes the traditional ‘distress call’ and connects the user-in-need with pre-registered service providers through a sophisticated mobile cloud-based web experience. Governed by a mission to provide a seamless and uninterrupted journey to customers, the platform’s customizable alerts help clients and agents identify, manage, and resolve an erratic event in order to mitigate negative impact on the brand.

The company boasts an incredible product and technology team who set out to bring innovation in roadside assistance services. Spanos cites a case study where Urgent.ly helped an automotive client deliver a better and faster roadside service experience. The client’s legacy system required 15 minutes of phone calls per job to numerous departments to reach the right service provider. Additionally, the customers consistently needed to call for updates. Integrating Urgent.ly’s solution into their CRM system, the client’s customer could not only contact the service provider in under two minutes but also keep track of the ETA in real-time through GPS-enabled maps. This helped the client reduce expense, while increasing loyalty and retention, driving bottom-line through lower operating costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Currently Urgent.ly is focused on expanding its suite of tools and technology to continue improving the roadside assistance experience for business partners and their customers. The company is also dedicated to reinventing the global roadside assistance market and augmenting its service portfolio through a highly connected service network.


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Chris Spanos, CEO

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