DEWETRON: Comprehensive Measurement Solutions for Automotive Applications

Christoph Wiedner, CPO
With the evolution of automotive technology, highly sophisticated vehicles that use advanced sensors and wireless devices are being developed. However, the changing vehicle designs need to align with the changing regulations as well. This requires a more holistic approach to measure different parameters like combustion, dynamics, durability, and safety. At this juncture, the lack of knowledge about the changing industry standards and measurement requirements can become a major challenge. “This is where DEWETRON differentiates itself in the market with vast knowledge and expertise in vehicle testing solutions,” says Christoph Wiedner, CPO at DEWETRON. With about three decades of industry presence, DEWETRON is a manufacturer of highly intuitive end-to-end test and measurement systems designed to deliver comprehensive data acquisition capability for making objective decisions in vehicle development. A vehicle’s general test and measurement encompass various aspects like crash testing and many certifications. With DEWETRON’s expert services, manufacturers can be confident about developing new vehicles, including ones based on new concepts like autonomous driving.

Since its inception, the company has been offering manufacturers unparalleled vehicle data measuring capabilities with a competitive advantage. The company’s state-of-the-art systems reduce the number of devices required for collecting information. Its solutions’ modularity allows seamless designing of measurement systems that meet the unique requirements of each client. With modular systems, amplifier components can be easily exchanged, or the number of components can be increased as the need arises.

At the heart of the company’s measurement solutions is its OXYGEN software that ensures synchronous data acquisition from a vast variety of different vehicle data sources, where all measurement data is displayed live while being stored time-synchronously.
The company’s DEWE2-PA7 Mixed Signal Power Analyzer is a turn-key solution for analyzing polyphase electric vehicles and engine behavior with a single system, and a guaranteed accuracy of 0.01 percent. “It is the only power analyzer in the market right now with the capability to calculate power parameters, up to seven phases per power group.” The DEWE2-PA7 combines waveform data, mixed-signal, and power analysis, while providing reliable, gapless recording of any analog or digital signal and high-performance power calculation of several power groups simultaneously. Offering the usability of a smartphone, it works with the OXYGEN software to make measurements as easy as possible.

DEWETRON differentiates itself in the market with vast knowledge and expertise in vehicle testing solutions

The company’s support processes are entirely focused on clients and their unique requirements. “Our customers include mostly OEMs like General Electric whom we assist in developing large-scale industrial motors, as well as maintaining their channel performance,” explains Wiedner. The company’s support is extremely flexible, with teams on standby to render even on-site support and committed to resolve every customer issue.

Today, DEWETRON’s core focus is on direct sales, inbound, and outbound marketing. The company also educates its partners by publishing articles, papers, and research documents. With a current presence in Austria, the US, and China, it is now expanding its footprint in Germany and France. In order to offer enhanced capabilities in the long run, the company is closely working with multiple partners all over the world. Mr. Wiedner concludes, “Most clients have a problem which they have to solve. We strive to help them by trying to figure out strategies that can support their development initiatives.”


East Greenwich, RI

Christoph Wiedner, CPO

Manufactures highly intuitive, end-to-end test and measurement systems designed to deliver data acquisition capability to the automotive industry