Auto-IT: Innovation That Delivers More than Just Technology

Ken Fife, CEO
The current landscape of the automotive industry has very little resemblance to what it was three or four decades ago. The emergence of innovative players in the market is breaking the industry free from clichéd standards. Understanding this, Auto-IT, a Dealership Management Systems provider for the automotive industry is ‘delivering more than just technology’ to its clients.

Spearheaded by Ken Fife, CEO, Auto-IT develops and markets specialist DMS systems that operate retail Automotive, Agricultural Equipment and Trucking dealerships. These are branded “UNITS” for the automotive industry and “EQUIP” for the Equipment market which is significantly different to the automotive world. “To successfully manage and grow dealership in today’s consumer driven marketplace requires more than just software. End users require an appreciation of what is on offer in the digital world and a technology partner with the vision to stay abreast of emerging global trends,” says Fife.

The company has two key products for the automotive industry that are constantly enhanced with new features and functionalities. Units, a windows dealer management software designed specifically to meet the multiple compliance requirements of dealerships of all sizes in the international market place and PMDS with a strong following of large dealerships in Australia and New Zealand. Both systems are tailored specifically to the needs of the retail automotive dealership and incorporate financials, parts, service, sales, customer contacts and marketing processes into an integrated system—increasing profitability by managing dealer operations, financials and customers all with a single tool.

To serve the automotive dealer market requires investing in interfaces to major vehicle franchisors. This requires significant investment and is one of the reasons why dealerships are best served by specialist Dealer System Suppliers.
Auto-IT’s DMS are by any definition ERP systems and Auto-IT is one of the small numbers of suppliers that has committed to cooperating with interface development with all significant manufacturers.

With a footprint in over 10 countries, Auto IT is considered to be one of the most dynamic global players in the dealer market place. Their products are in use over 1200 dealer locations, growing at the rate of more than 250 licenses every month. John Deere dealers in North America in partnership with John Deere information systems bought Auto-IT’s solutions to enhance their dealership operations. In 2009, the company negotiated with Auto-IT to purchase source code and assume ownership for all aspects of implementing the system to their dealers in the USA and Canada.

Over the past 10 years, Auto-IT has developed a suite of next-generation Windows and Web-based solutions plus a growing collection of mobile applications for tablets and smartphones. The solution offers an elastic virtual computing environment for rapid scaling of Web apps. Using Amazon EC2 and mobile apps dealers can enhance the DMS delivered via a browser.

Auto-IT, with its thirst for innovation has also opened up its technology platforms to approved third party vendors while keeping the core control within the company itself. “Dealers typically find it to be a daunting task to change their Dealer management Systems. With Auto-IT, change management is process driven and dealers subscribing to the company’s Dealer Spectrum suite of products can be alerted by push reports in real-time if agreed conventions are not followed.” Fife said.

Going forward, Auto-IT plans to expand its dealership base by more offshore expansion, while continuing the push into sophisticated dashboard products and the mobile app world.“We will continue to invest heavily in innovation to make sure the relationship between our company and our partners is not just a financial one,” concludes Fife.


Melbourne, Australia

Ken Fife, CEO

Specializes in developing integrated modular components, providing complete management and control of dealership operations